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A total of 20 bicyclists lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in Colorado in 2023, and many more sustained serious injuries. Bicycle accidents often have severe consequences for the rider as a result of the limited protection a bicycle provides from the impact of a collision. 

When a driver was at fault for a bike crash, victims who were hurt have legal options. A Denver bicycle accident attorney at Daniels & Scriven, PC can provide skillful representation to help those who have been harmed to get the compensation they deserve. 

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When Can You Make A Bicycle Accident Claim In Denver?

After a bike accident, you have two years to pursue an injury claim under 

Colo. Rev. Stat. § 13-80-102(1)  or three years under  Colo. Rev. Stat. § 13-80-101 if a motor vehicle was involved. This time limit, called the statute of limitations, means your claim will be time-barred if you take too long to act. 

You can recover compensation for your bike crash only if someone else, such as another driver on the road, was at least 51% responsible for the harm you experienced. According to Colo. Rev Stat. § 13-21-111, while you’re still entitled to damages even if you were partly to blame, the amount you can receive from the defendant is reduced based on your percentage of fault. 

For example, this means if your own behavior on your bicycle was found to be 10% of the crash cause, you’ll see your damage award reduced by 10% of your total losses. 

How To Make A Denver Bicycle Accident Claim 

You need legal grounds, or legal justification to make a claim after a bike crash. Most often, your claim will arise out of negligence unless a driver did something intentionally wrong to hurt you.

To prove negligence you must show four things, as explained by Perreira v. State, 768 P.2d 1198 (1989). You must show “the existence of a legal duty, breach of the duty, causation, and damage”

Since other drivers all have a duty to exercise reasonable care on the road, the key aspects of your case that you must prove include:

  • Demonstrating the defendant failed to exercise the same level of care a hypothetical reasonable driver would have
  • Showing this failure was the direct cause of a bicycle accident that damaged you in a way you should be compensated for

Compensation for a Denver Bicycle Accident Claim

Bicycle accidents can cause head injuries; facial trauma; broken bones; skin rashes; and a host of other serious injuries. When these injuries cause you to incur medical bills or affect your wages or earning potential, you should be fully compensated for all economic losses you endure.

You’re also entitled to compensation for non-economic damages, defined in Colo. Rev. Stat. § 13-21-102.5 to include “pain and suffering, inconvenience, emotional stress, and impairment of the quality of life.” However, this statute limits or caps your damages to a set amount, which is adjusted to keep pace with inflation. 

You’ll need to prove the extent of your damages to get the money you deserve. 

Getting Help from a Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney 

A Denver bicycle accident lawyer at Daniels & Scriven, PC can help you to pursue a claim for compensation after a bicycle crash. Give us a call at (720) 863-6006 to schedule a free consultation and find out how our skilled legal team can put our 40 years of experience to work on your case.