About Us

Brad Scriven and Nicole Daniels

We are dedicated, compassionate and experienced personal injury attorneys who have been fighting for injured victims’ rights for over 40 years.  

Through decades of providing trusted, professional service our lawyers have gained a reputation throughout Colorado as an effective and experienced legal team.

As seasoned personal injury attorneys, Daniels & Scriven, P.C. understands that there are very few events in life as traumatic as being injured due to the negligence of another, and we assist with a variety of cases throughout Colorado.

Our lawyers handle serious personal injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents including traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, extremity injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, amputation injuries, broken bones, disfigurement, burns, sprains and other life-changing injuries.  Our firm also specializes in big trucks and commercial vehicles injury cases. We can assist you with your claim for compensation for medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering of body and mind. We also understand that it can be hard to put a price on your loss-whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the loss of physical ability, or emotional pain and suffering. We help people who have been injured, and the loved ones of those killed, because of accidents and the negligent or deliberate actions of others.  We have real experience with helping our clients get back to their previous day-to-day activities and life that was impacted by the fault of another.

At Daniels & Scriven, P.C., we are a full-service personal injury law firm providing home and hospital visits.  We can have in-person meetings or virtual conferences when getting together is not convenient.  Unlike other firms our clients can always speak with their lawyer and are not passed from one assistant to another.   We take away the stress of dealing with mounting medical costs and the strain of working with insurance companies and their adjusters.  We help our clients find competent and convenient healthcare providers to regain their prior state of good health.  Our services include working with injuries that happen on the job and helping injured people get disability benefits when going back to work is no longer an option.

We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people who were injured through no fault of their own.

We’ll wrangle with the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve!  We work on a contingency fee, so we do not get paid until you get paid!