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Posted in On February 6, 2024

Think Twice Before Cutting Across That Parking Lot

In the 1980’s the Colorado Legislature wanted to remove the negligence standard from being applied to injuries on the property of another.  For example, a slip and fall or merchandise falling on a patron.  After several attempts they created the, “Actions Against Landowners” Act.  §…

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Posted in On January 30, 2024

Recent Decision Re: Rescue Doctrine

Near midnight on St. Patrick’s Day in 2014, a cab driver picked up two men in northwest Denver. Both men were visibly intoxicated. Once in the cab, they refused to provide the cab driver with a destination, instead telling him when and where to turn…

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Posted in On September 7, 2023

Recorded Statements After an Auto Accident

What Adverse Insurance Companies Do Not Want You to Know About Recorded Statements: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT Many insurance adjusters call and tell an innocent victim that they must make a statement, or the adjuster will not be able to…

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Posted in On January 17, 2023

Invisible Injuries

After being in an auto collision, slip and fall, or industrial accident it’s normal to be overcome by shock and adrenaline. These are your body’s natural defense mechanisms at work. Because of this, many people find that they don’t feel hurt or aren’t experiencing much pain after their…

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