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Each year in Colorado, an average of 112 workers pass away as a result of job-related incidents. That’s around one work-related death every three to four days. Thousands more suffer serious injury throughout the year. 

Colorado law protects those who get sick or hurt while working. Victims injured as a result of employment can make a workers’ compensation claim to recover payment for medical bills, lost wages, and certain other damages. The process for making these claims can be complicated, though. 

Daniels & Scriven, PC can help. Our Boulder work injury lawyers understand Colorado workers’ compensation laws and have helped many injured employees maximize the compensation available to them after their job harmed them. Give us a call today at (720) 863-6006  to schedule a free consultation if you were hurt at work to see what we can do to help you.

What Are Your Rights After a Boulder Work Injury?

Work injuries are treated differently than most injury claims because they are governed under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act.

Employers are required to buy workers’ compensation insurance, which provides coverage for illnesses or injuries that happen on-the-job. If you are hurt or made sick by the performance of your work duties, you cannot sue your employer but instead must make a workers’ compensation claim.

The benefit of a workers’ comp claim is that you can recover compensation regardless of whether the employer was negligent in causing the injury. In fact, even if you were to blame, you can usually recover payment for damages except in limited circumstances. The downside is that you cannot get compensation for all the things you might be able to recover for in a personal injury claim, such as pain and suffering. 

You’ll need to report your work injury and follow the appropriate process to make your damage claim to get the payments available to you, and one of our personal injury lawyers can help you to do that. 

Compensation for A Boulder Work Injury

The Colorado Department of Labor provides details on the types of compensation an injured worker may collect. This includes:

  • Medical bills: If you need treatment as a result of your injuries, costs should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. 
  • Temporary disability/lost wages: You can receive temporary total or partial disability benefits if your injury causes you to miss work or restricts you to light duty work for a period of time. Benefits begin once you miss three shifts from work, and if you miss more than two weeks, you’ll also be paid for the missed time during this initial three shift waiting period. 
  • Permanent disability. Once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, if you remain permanently impaired by your disability, you’ll be able to receive permanent partial or total disability benefits. For some losses, such as lost function to your legs or lost vision, you receive a scheduled impairment and are paid a set amount of compensation. CO Code § 8-42-107 (2022) specifies the benefits you receive for a scheduled impairment. In other cases, you’ll receive a non-scheduled or “whole person” impairment. Your doctor determines your level of impairment in the form of a percentage. 

Colo. Rev. Stat. § 8-42-107.5 places a limit on the disability payments you can receive, with the maximum changing over time. 

Understanding the benefits you’re entitled to can be complicated, so it’s best to get help from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can assist you with getting the maximum workers’ comp award or settlement. 

Getting Help from a Boulder Work Injury Lawyer 

When you get hurt-on-the-job, you need help navigating the complex workers’ compensation system to get the compensation you deserve. Call Daniels & Scriven, PC today at (720) 863-6006  to schedule your free consultation and learn how our experienced Boulder work injury lawyers can help you.