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Bus Accidents

Posted in On July 7, 2021


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are thousands of bus accidents in the United States annually. Many of these accidents result in countless injuries to bus passengers, pedestrians, and people in other vehicles. Bus crashes are unique from other auto accidents due to the size and weight of the buses, as well as the lack of seatbelts and other standard safety equipment found in cars.

Cars and pedestrians hit by a bus are more likely to suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries. Bus riders are equally at risk because they may get thrown around the passenger compartment leading to serious injuries.


As common-carriers, bus operators have a special duty to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Bus accidents can be caused by numerous factors, including:

  • Old buses and outdated equipment
  • Bus driver negligence
  • Dangerous roadway design
  • Defective Products
  • Improper maintenance
  • Inadequate bus driver training
  • Bus driver inattention

When a bus accident occurs, there is almost always an on-scene investigation of the accident by the supervisors. However, it is important for injured bus riders to promptly hire an attorney to conduct an independent investigation. People injured in bus accidents need to understand that the investigators—and even the police that respond to the accident—often work for the same government entity that operates the buses.


Bus accidents are also unique because buses and other forms of mass transit are typically operated by government entities. As such, special requirements and procedures need to be followed in order to bring your claim for injuries against the government entity. The skilled attorneys at Daniels & Scriven, P.C. have successfully litigated claims against government entities and have a track record of success litigating bus accidents.

One of the early questions in bus accident claims involves determining who the responsible parties are. Buses can be operated by numerous different government entities.

In many cases, these public entities will try to downplay the injured claimants and aggressively deny their claims. Routinely, public entities try to settle Colorado bus accident claims for next to nothing. They may even deny your claim outright, forcing you to go to court for resolution. Our attorneys have successfully gone up against public entities in the past and are prepared to aggressively pursue your claim too.

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